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Catching My Attention

The posts that have caught my attention this week seem to have some kind of number theme going on!

31 Signs You're A Third Culture Kid....My favorite is #17....You get nervous when a form asks for your "permanent address".  Permanent???  HELP!!!  And then we have to have a family conference in the airport to make sure we all write down the same permanent address.

10 Impossible Loads Made Possible by African Transport.  I love how the size or difficulty of moving a load is no hindrance to actually moving it.  All five in our family used to pile on my dad's small motorcycle so I know it can be done!

100 Best Places to Raise a Family...just because it's interesting.

5 Best US Cities to Spend Your Retirement was a feature story on the CBS News.  The man being interviewed, Daren Blomquist, is a former student of mine and his parents have meant a lot to me over the years.  It's not often I actually know somebody on the news!

How many times will God forgive and why am I afraid to ask him, yet once again, to forgive me.  Thinking God Will Run Out of Welcome Home Banners is a thought-provoking blog on "the rest of the story" of the Prodigal Son.

And finally, but not really having anything to do with numbers, a post that hit me right between the eyes: Stop Defining Yourself by What You Don't Like.  How often are my thoughts negative; how often do I feel that I need to let people know what I'm against or why I don't do something; how often does what we don't allow define the church?  If I focus on what I love, what fills me with joy, what God means to me, won't that draw people to Christ more than cynicism and negativity?


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sumatisons said…
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