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Catching My Attention

Here are some things from the internet that have caught my attention in the past two weeks.

What do we really mean by the word "blessed" and do we throw it around a little too easily?  Does being "blessed" mean we have wealth, a strong military, and a "perfect" family?  What about believers living in poverty?  What about the Beatitudes?  Read more at The Problem with Blessing.

If you're just graduating from university, what are your chances of landing a job?  Here you can read about the 10 Worst Majors for Finding a Good Job.

Ann Voskamp, who blogs at A Holy Experience, has traveled to Africa with her daughter to visit the child they sponsor with Compassion International.  I loved this blog so many times have I sat in church in Africa and wished I could say it like she did:  A Letter to American Christians. (I also love that my daughter linked to the very same blog this week!)

I've heard my daughter and daughter-in-law and most recently my cousin talk about the Common Core in education.  I know they are sometimes frustrated with it, but this article offers an interesting perspective:  The Good News of Common Core.

Even though I am not currently in our country of ministry, I know there has recently been a mass exodus of missionaries leaving on home assignment, on vacation, some for good.  All of this means transition, but perhaps the biggest transition is for those who just graduated high school and will be starting a new life in a country they barely know even though their passport says they are from that country.     Fear, failure, freaked out, and frustration are some of the feelings experienced at this time.

And meanwhile, back "home", there have been power outages that are affecting everyone.  Apparently this past week has been better, but they had almost three weeks of hardly any power.  You can read about it here.

And finally, a little humor.  Apparently this went around the internet awhile ago, but I never saw it, so maybe you haven't either.  
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