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Spring and Feeling Just a Bit Sad

Ever since I arrived in the US, it's been pretty cold.  But suddenly it got warm and the last two days have been absolutely perfect.  It's been in the 70's and I think today it even hit 80.  The grass is so green, the pink and purple budding trees are loaded with blossoms, lilac scent fills the air, people are mowing their grass, and girls are out sun-bathing.  I think days like this must release all sorts of feel good endorphins!

So why do I feel a bit sad?  As I was walking around Cedarville today it struck me that from now on there won't be much reason for us to come to Cedarville.  I lived here when I was three and then again when I was 6 and 7. 
This is where we lived when I was in first grade.
Then we moved to the country.  I tried to find the house we lived in, but I don't remember the location well enough to find it on my own.  This farm is in the general area, though.  We rented a house on a working farm and had so much freedom to just play outside.
 I was a student at Cedarville College, before it was Cedarville University.  My first two years I lived with my Great Aunt Jeanette who lived right across the street from the college.  
Aunt Jeanette's house
Before I came to Cedarville and after graduating, a visit to Aunt Jeanette was a routine summer event.  We spent many a summer evening sitting out on that front porch. She was one of my most favorite people in the whole world and I still miss her.  
The dorm I lived in my senior year

Then both Daniel and Suzanne came to Cedarville as students.  We had an extended home assignment to help get them settled, so trips to Cedarville were frequent.  After Suz and Theo were married, their first apartment was in Cedarville.  
Suz and Theo's 1st home...down in the basement
Today we are in the process of moving them to another nearby town and on Saturday Suz graduates from Cedarville.  So I feel a bit sad because all these happy memories seem to be coming to an end.  There will be little reason from now on to come to Cedarville.  It feels a bit like a chapter has come to an end.....a good chapter.
Suz and Theo and my sister and brother-in-law still live in the area, but there won't be much reason for us to come to Cedarville any more.  So yesterday and today I took some pictures.
A popular eating spot in Cedarville

I just enjoyed walking around a small mid-western, homey town,
Downtown Cedarville

taking in the spring beauty.  Yes, life goes on and I've learned that while it's sad to end one chapter, the next chapter is equally good.

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