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The Year in Pictures: My First Full Week back in USA

I've now been in the US for a little over a week.  I recovered from jet lag incredibly fast.  In fact I've  hardly had any of the usual symptoms which has been really nice.  

Monday, April 22... I went and got my hair cut.  She asked if I wanted a straight blow dry.  I thought she meant just a blow dry....nothing fancy.  She spent at least 20 minutes blowing drying it straight.  I loved the look, but I'll never be able to repeat this at home. I NEVER spend 20 minutes on my hair, so I'm not going to take that long to do something to my hair it doesn't naturally do.  

Wednesday, April 23... I got a rental car and drove from Arlington, VA to Beavercreek, OH.  I needed to get the rental car back by 5:00 p.m. or pay for a 2nd day.  I got it back at about 4:50!  Whew, just made it.  Kelly and Suz were so helpful....Kelly taking me to the rental place in Arlington on her way to work (but actually going out of her way) and Suz rushing from school to pick me up at the other end.

Thursday, April 24... Theo was helping Suz with class prep.  They were making a solar oven for the kids to see how the sun can be used to make energy and even to cook food.  They just put chocolate chips in it since they didn't have time to actually cook anything in it.  Moose was helping Theo.

Friday, April 25... It's been pretty cold since I've gotten here.  Most days have been in the low 60's.  Coming from days of between 105 and 110 that feels cold, believe me.  But spring is beautiful!  These tulips were on the Cedarville University campus with the new Medical Sciences building in the background.

Saturday, April 26... Theo, Suz, my sister, Natalie, and her husband, Duane, and I went to Elliv a talent show at Cedarville.  Before the show everybody throngs around outside and when the doors open a mob pushes in, rushing to get the best seats.  A student came up to my sister and I and told us we could go in early because last year some ladies got knocked down and one had to have knee surgery.  I jokingly said something about letting the old ladies in early and he replied that he'd been told to let in any ladies over 35.  Whew, he recovered from that one well!

Sunday, April 27...  I went to church with Suz and Theo and they were accepted into the church as members that Sunday.  It's a blessed thing to see your kids growing strong in their faith.

John arrives Friday night (he actually arrives in Chicago Thursday and takes the bus down here on Friday).  Daniel and Kelly will arrive late, late Friday night (probably technically Saturday morning).  Suz graduates from Cedarville on Saturday.  It will be good to be all together as a family!
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