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Last Week's Photo a Day Pictures

My year in pictures... April 8 - 14
 Day 115, April 8: I guess life is pretty routine when I start taking pictures of my breakfast!  French toast and grapefruit.
 Day 116, April 9:  I was in area council meetings for three days straight.  On Tuesday I had to lead the devotions.  These are my notes.  I don't think I'll ever be comfortable with public speaking (even though it was a small of group of people I normally feel comfortable with!).
 Day 117, April 10:  Our first attempt at rain.  It hasn't rained for about seven months.  This day there was clouds, thunder, some dust, and a few spits of rain.
 Day 119, April 12:  It seems strange to take pictures of food since I try to avoid cooking as much as possible while John is gone.  This is lamb sausage (halal), potatoes, onions, garlic, and green pepper sauteed together with fresh tomatoes and carrots on the side.

 Day 120, April 13:  I took down our mosquito net to wash it.  No, it hasn't been hanging there for years....just weeks.  I guess the net keeps out mosquitoes and filters out dust.  That's the air we breathe!

Day 121, April 14:  I finished piecing together the quilt I'm making for our bed.  In my next blog I'll tell you why I'm doing it in orange and blue.

And the next time I blog will probably be on the other side of the big pond!
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