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This Week's Photos for 2013 in Pictures

Suzanne, my amazing daughter and the  author of the fabulous blog Darza Go Irkoy Gaa (check it out, you'll see it isn't just my biased opinion) is working on taking a photo a day.  I thought it was a great idea, too.  I've been posting my pictures on Facebook, but thought I'd also do a weekly blog post of my pictures for that week.  I'm enjoying this challenge as it is helping me improve my photography skills and look at the world in new and fresh ways.

I'm not going to go back and try to upload all my pictures that I've taken since January 1st, but here are the ones for this week:

Monday:  I think this is a marigold?  Maybe somebody can set me straight if I'm wrong!

Tuesday:  This is my favorite skillet.  It is cast iron, extremely heavy, and I got it second-hand in 1982.  It cooks things evenly and browns everything perfectly.

Wednesday:  These fire finches were on the wall of our terrace.  They are fairly tame.  As you can guess, the male is the red one and the female is the brown one.  Here is more information on fire finches if you are interested.

Thursday:  I was in a hurry to get to work, but first I needed to hang out the laundry.  I looked up from my washing basket and saw this.  I love how the sun's rays are well defined through the dust in the air.

Friday:  I did a post earlier this week on ideas of how to do devotions.  Some days it's tough to fit in and I often feel rushed, but it's a vital part of my day.

Saturday:  We ate at our favorite river-side restaurant and watched the sun set over the river.

Sunday:  John is doing surveys of worship services for his research.  Nearly every church we've visited uses a jembe.


Amanda said…
Lovely photos. As soon as you said 'riverside restaurant' I remembered about the Blue Hippo which is where we all used to eat when we were there. I'd forgotten about it until now!
podso said…
Nancy your photos are wonderful. I especially like the one outside your house and the last one. Such great color!