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Pictures for the week

 Monday, March 11....started the day bright and early with an orientation meeting for a newly arrived team.  Yes, the clean-up has begun on both Sahel and CBN campuses!  Check in to SIM Niger's Niamey Flood blog for periodic updates on progress.

Tuesday, March 12...this is the place where motorcycles are parked at the office.  Motorcycles are everywhere here!  Some of them drive pretty crazy, too!

Wednesday, March 13....our Bible study group.  They are all students and every week we have a slightly different group, but it is usually eight to nine who show up.  The guy in the back on the left has a real evangelist's heart and was the force behind getting it started.  John and Beki co-lead it.

Thursday, March 14...cookies, cookies, and more cookies.  Crystal has been managing the meals for the teams but I try to help her out occasionally.  This team brought cake mixes and chocolate chips, so I made cake-mix cookies for them.

Friday, March 15...more clean-up.  I'm afraid these cupboards are beyond use.  I'll do a blog on some of the clean-up later this week.

Saturday, March 16...I often do some baking on Saturday.  I thought I wouldn't like using a bread machine since there's something therapeutic about kneading bread.  But it sure saves time and the loaves are delicious!  Interestingly, we saw this in World magazine (December 1, 2012):  WONDER DRUG...Looking for the secret to domestic peace and tranquility?  According to researchers writing in the Journal of Social Psychology, the answer could come from freshly baked bread.  Scientists at the University of Southern Brittany in France conducted experiments designed to test the theory that the sell of freshly baked bread can alter behavior in humans.  Their findings, published in an October issue of the scientific journal, reveal that the aroma of baking bread triggers a rising sense of altruism, increased happiness and other beneficial effects.

Sunday, March 17...this church service will require its own blog post as well!  This is a new bride and groom.  The choir was singing, people were dancing, gifts were was a celebration of a new marriage and was full of joy!

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