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Suzanne borrowed this blog idea from somebody else, so I thought I'd join in the fun and use these prompts for my blog. Why don't you copy and join in the fun, too?
A -- available or married?
Married for 26 years. And this week we went to our first ever marriage seminar.

B-- book?
I'm currently reading Les Miserables. I wish I could say I'm reading it in French, but I'm not!

C--cake or pie?
I don't care as long as it's chocolate.

D--drink of choice?
Coke or Youki Ananas or Youki Grenadine (only one a day. I stick to water the rest of the day)

E--essential item?
My phone. Yep, some days it rings incessantly. Some days I would like to lose it! :) Although if I could only grab one thing, it would be my computer or my camera.

F--favorite color?

G--game to watch or play?
I play a lot of Scrabble on my computer, but I'm not sure I'd say it's my favorite just fills in time while waiting for things to upload or download. I love Tripoley and Dutch Blitz.

Do I have one? I was born in Jos, Nigeria and have lived in a lot of places. The place I've lived in most is Tera, Niger, and it definitely has a center spot in my heart.

Chocolate. Especially Lindt.

Personnel Director and I love it.

K--kids and their names?
Daniel, married to Kelly; and Suzanne, married to Theo

L--life is incomplete without?
God, of course, and next John, Daniel & Kelly, Suz & Theo

M--music group or singer?
NeedtoBreathe, country, especially Josh Turner, all sorts of worship music

N--number of siblings?
Three: two on earth and one in heaven I haven't gotten to meet yet.

O--oranges or apples?
Until a few months ago I seldom ate oranges. Then one day I ate an orange and decided I like them better than apples.

P -- phobias/fears?
Throwing up. Deep water.

Q-- favorite quote?
In recent days: "My religious belief teaches me that I'm just as safe on the battlefield as I am in my bed. The Lord has already appointed the day of my death so I need not worry about that. I live my life and prepare myself so I will always be ready to meet y Lord, when death does overtake me." Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson 

R -- reason to smile?
Friday nights at home with John, a "TV dinner", and a movie

S -- season?
In Niger, definitely the cool season. In the USA, definitely summer.

I'm not a fan of detracting from natural beauty by putting something permanent on my body that I may later regret, so, no. Honestly, I don't understand why people think they look good with tattoos.  I know it's personal choice, so I don't like people less who have them, I just think they look better without them.

U -- Unknown fact about me?
I cut my own hair recently (just a trim really)

V -- vegetable you love?
Asparagus. Haven't had asparagus in about a year. Gonna eat asparagus in about six weeks.

W-- worst habit?
According to my husband, not getting ready on time. I think he's right.

X -- x-rays you've had?
We were staying at somebody's house and in the night I thought I'd reached the bathroom door, so I turned the corner, but it was the cement wall and I mashed my toe. It turned black and was painful, so I had it x-rayed, but it wasn't broken.

Y -- your favorite food?
chicken fixed just about any way.

Z -- zodiac?
I guess Taurus but I don't follow it. God's got my life in His hands!
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