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Under, A Sign, and a Number

Day 29 -- Under.  Every now and then when I'm lying on the floor doing my exercises, I see what Suzanne once wrote under the chair.  I probably wasn't very happy about my child writing on furniture when it happened, though I don't remember making a big deal out of it since nobody could see it and I discovered it after the fact.  But now I like seeing reminders of my kids when they were little.  It says:  
This is 
Zazzy (cat)
Suzanne (girl)
Midnight (other cat)
Daniel (boy)
Nancy (mom)
John (dad)
Noel (doll)
Inky (stuffed dog)

Great memories.

Day 30 -- Sign

It's amazing how much confusion a new traffic pattern can cause!  This is the intersection just down the road from us and if you turn right, there is a large private school as well as several popular restaurants and a grocery store down there.  There is no place to park outside the school so parents to have to drop their kids off in the street.  With cars coming both directions to pick up and drop off kids, it ended up being a huge mess four times a day (kids go home at noon for siesta).  So they made the road one way. 

 You should have seen the confusion on Tuesday morning! The police parked their motorcycle to block the road so people couldn't turn down there.  But drivers didn't notice until the last minute, so then they were turning around in the street, dropping their kids off in the intersection, etc.  It was a bigger mess than ever before.  Now people are getting the the past three days the police moved their motorcycle and stand off to the side and catch people coming the wrong way down the one way street.  Yep.  Several have found out that doing that earns you a 4,000 cfa ($8.00) ticket and a free trip across town to the police station to retrieve your license.

Day 31 -- A number
The number is 1,000.  As I've mentioned several times, I have been reading 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  I'm making my own gratitude list and am up to 84.