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A Visit to our Mission Hospital

Twice a year we have an orientation for our new arrivals.  The fall orientation we do in the capital city and the spring orientation we do in one of the towns more in the central part of the country.  This year we did it in the town where our mission hospital is located.
The hospital started in the 1950's and the original buildings are in really bad shape.  A picture in the hospital director's office shows the hospital as it was in the early '50's....three buildings surrounded by rock with not a tree in sight.  The original buildings were built from the rock dug out of the ground.  Today those buildings are structurally unsound.  So, one by one they are being torn down and new ones are being built.  Here you see a progression of the building of the old original buildings, another building being torn down to make room for new buildings, and the inside of one of the new buildings. I do NOT enjoy visiting hospitals.  Period.   And especially not here where th…

Helping the Helpless

It is not unusual to have beggars, even small children, come to me and ask for money or for food.  It is part of the religion here to give alms, so begging is very much a part of every day life.  There are some beggars that I recognize so I often give them a coin. If it is children who are begging and if I'm near a shop, I will buy them  a Solani (a yogurt drink) because I know it's nutritious for them.  A lot of the time I just joke with them and go on.  And often I just ignore them....sad, but true.

A conundrum for many missionaries here is what to do with the little boys called taalibey who beg for the m*sque.  If you give to them, they are expected to take what they receive back to their teacher who often keeps what he wants.  Some of the boys are treated quite harshly.  On the other hand, if we don't give to them we are ignoring a large section of the population who are really in need.  These boys are often orphans or children who live in a situation whose families can…

Under, A Sign, and a Number

Day 29 -- Under.  Every now and then when I'm lying on the floor doing my exercises, I see what Suzanne once wrote under the chair.  I probably wasn't very happy about my child writing on furniture when it happened, though I don't remember making a big deal out of it since nobody could see it and I discovered it after the fact.  But now I like seeing reminders of my kids when they were little.  It says:  
This is 
Zazzy (cat)
Suzanne (girl)
Midnight (other cat)
Daniel (boy)
Nancy (mom)
John (dad)
Noel (doll)
Inky (stuffed dog)

Great memories.

Day 30 -- Sign

It's amazing how much confusion a new traffic pattern can cause!  This is the intersection just down the road from us and if you turn right, there is a large private school as well as several popular restaurants and a grocery store down there.  There is no place to park outside the school so parents to have to drop their kids off in the street.  With cars coming both directions to pick up and drop off kids, it ended up being a …


Day 28th's post was Beautiful.  I didn't really take a picture on Day 28.  But I did take pictures during our spiritual life conference.  The last day was beautiful as we worshiped God outside in the shade of giant trees.  I loved so many of the songs we sang, but I think 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman is one of the most beautiful of the beautiful songs we sang.  Here we go, starting with the chorus:

Verse 1
(Chorus) Verse 2

(Chorus) Verse 3