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TV Show, Dance, Shoes, and In my Bag

So, I've totally missed days 11, 12, 13, and it's already January 14. 

Day 11 was TV Show and I'll probably just totally skip it since we really don't watch TV here.  And I was sick that day and didn't really do anything, anyway.

Day 12 was Dance and I'll come back to that, but it won't really be dance.

Day 13 was Shoes.  I'm not sure where Suzanne got her love for shoes, but she sure didn't inherit it from me.  I'm not crazy about shoes.  I think they're terrible uncomfortable for the most part.  So if I have a few comfy pairs of shoes and some flip-flops, I'm fine.  THESE are the shoes I should wear more often, especially since I'd like to lose some weight this year!

Day 14 is "in my bag".  Today I have cloth I was hoping to take to the tailor on the way to pick somebody up at one guest house and take them to another.  But John needed the car.  I was going to borrow an office car, but then I remembered my license was in our car.  So by the time I got our car I decided I didn't have time to go to the tailor.  The red cloth John gave me for Christmas and the other piece is left from Suz and Theo's quilt.  I also have my jacket from this morning, my calendar book, and a Christmas card we received today.
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