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Top 10 Books from 2012

I'm amazed when I hear how many books some people read in a year!  I think I read a lot, but my list is pretty short compared to some I've heard about.  I know I'm a good reader but I don't think I've ever been a fast reader.  It used to bother me that my sister read so many more books than me.   I know, I shouldn't compare myself to others.  It's just that there are so many good books out there and at this rate I'll never get to read all of them!

In 2012 I read 40 books. The last time I read that many books in a year was in 2006.  Maybe I got a lot of  reading done because we didn't have internet so much of the time!  I'm not going to try to list them all.  I'll just give a brief review of my top 10 favorites, hard as it will be to choose!  These do not appear in any particular order.

1.  Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman.  Mary Beth and her husband, Steven Curtis Chapman had a house full of children and then adopted two more from China.  One day one of the little girls ran in front of their oldest son's car as he pulled into the driveway.  Mary Beth shares honestly and openly the grief that their family shares because of this experience.  You will need a box of Kleenex at hand for this book!

2.  Beyond this Place by A.J. Cronin.  A.J. Cronin is an excellent story-teller.  My dad goes to second-hand stores and used bookstores looking for A.J. Cronin books and he put me on to them.  A.J. Cronin is probably not well known among American readers, but if you ever read one of his books, you'll probably also find yourself scouring used bookstores to add to your collection!

3.  While We're Far Apart by Lynn Austin.  This was an enjoyable story of a young lady who offers to care for a widowers' children while he is fighting in WWII.  Of course, she's hoping he'll fall in love with her.  The characters are well-developed, believable, and very human.

4.  Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  If our love for Jesus is less than crazy, do we really love Him?  Or do we just say we do?  And what does crazy love look like?  Can I love Jesus and have it not result in life changes?

5.  The Man with the Key Has Gone by Ian Clarke. This is another book that is probably hard to find in the US as it was written and distributed in Ireland.  Ian Clarke relates how God used him to build a mission hospital in rural Uganda and what that has to do with the an with the key being gone.  Not only is Ian Clarke a good story-teller, but it also helps one gain insights into African culture in general.

OK, it's late and I'm off to bed so I'll do the next five in my next post.  I just want to keep you in suspense!