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To do....

I have several ways of trying to keep myself organized with to do lists.  One way is my diary or calendar book I carry around with me.  This usually ends up being a list of things I need to do at home.  Although if I'm home and a work-related thing pops in my mind, I'll write it in this book so I don't forget about it.

Then I have a written list I keep on my desk.  As things come up, I write them on this list.  I try to update it every Friday night before going home.  This helps me to leave my job at work when I go home in the evenings....I've made my list now I can forget it.  This doesn't always work, but it helps!

Gmail has a great calendar which I've color-coded for arrivals, departures, orientations, and other things I need to do.

There's nothing wrong with your eyes.  I've blurred or obliterated things for privacy reasons.


Anonymous said…
Ok, where did you get the hands on your desk? They are kinda weird, Mom... But I like your idea of leaving your list at work!
Hannatu said…
They are a gift from Liberia! They are two hands shaking, then clicking fingers like they do. Not weird at all.