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John has really been under a lot of pressure lately.  He has to write 16,000 words and 40 pages for his doctoral studies and he needs to submit the rough draft in March.  So he's been sequestering himself day after day trying to get it done.  John loves being with people, so it's a pretty lonely thing he's doing.  In addition to that he's teaching two courses at the Bible school and advising people on language learning.  He's starting to take care of some details regarding our up-coming home assignment, too.

His birthday is on Tuesday, so last night I invited some friends over to help him celebrate.  I didn't tell him until Saturday that I'd planned a party because I know he would have said he had too much to do to party.    I would have invited more, but this is about all we can fit in our living room!  So if you're reading this and wonder why you didn't get invited, it's simply that you wouldn't have fit in the room!  I made cheesecake and popcorn and others brought dessert, too.

I think a fun evening with friends put a smile on his face!  Please pray for him as he works hard to pull this together before his next trip to England.
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