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I love the light reflecting in this little kitty's eyes.  I can even see the reflection of the carport roof in his eyes.

We share our compound with a couple on the other side of our duplex and a family whose house is in front of ours.  All of us are missionaries with the same organization.  

The family just moved in a month ago.  They had been living in another house and as best as I can tell from three very excited children telling me the story at once, this is how White Socks (his feet are white) came to be part of the family.  Where they used to live he was obviously an unwanted and unloved kitten of a neighbor, so the neighbor kids threw him over their wall.  He appeared to be dead, so their dad scooped him up in a shovel and put him in the storeroom to bury him later when they got home from school.  Only when they got home from school, he was walking around as if nothing had ever happened to him!

He is an outdoor cat, so we enjoy sharing cuddles with him.