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I love it when kids play creatively, when their play involves things they find and the use their imaginations to invent new things.  One day recently I was in a rush out the gate when I saw this tucked in the corner between the trash bins and the gate.  The neighbor kids had found the guard's "furno" which he uses for making his nightly pot of strong sweet tea. He's gone on vacation and had left it cast aside in the bushes.  

They've collected rocks from the driveway to ring the furno (sorry, I do not know what to call it in English!).  Then they put straw and yellow curly seed pods from the gao tree under it for fuel.  Today when I saw it again they had put a can of water on it with bouganvilla petals soaking in it.

John saw it and asked who had done that.  I laughingly said, "Well, it wasn't Lois and me."  Which brought to mind a rather comical picture of the neighbor lady and I playing....picking up twigs, making rings of rocks, collecting flower petals, shaking gao pods to hear them we had 40-some years ago.

Ann Voskamp describes in One Thousand Gifts, a moment when she was folding laundry and takes a few moments to ponder her daughter's joy.  She says, "I want that kind of crazy, happy joy, God.  Jeans to the right, socks to the left. How have I lost it in the growing older, duller?  How to see the world again through those eyes?  To live in the wide-eyed wonder of a world that unwraps itself grandiose and larger-than-life, so otherworldly?" (p. 165)  It is when smallness meets grandeur that we feel awe and awe inspires praise and thankfulness.

Today I'm thanking God for the joy of children's play.
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