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Looking Up

In our yard, when we look up, this is what we see.  I tell you, there are days when my phone rings non-stop.  Still, I'm sure glad cell phones have arrived in Africa.  Land-lines just didn't really cut it here but people out in the middle of nowhere now have phones.  Where we used to live the land line was still a 1930's system of us calling the post office where they connected a wire to place a phone call.  Now anybody who can afford a cheap phone and who can buy credit can make a call to anywhere in the world.

I got this text message from the cell phone company this week:
Pas plus meilleur remede contre le stress que de parler avec 1 inconnu, quelqu'un qui ne te jugera pas.  Souscris Afriendz Chat au ____.  Which translated is:  There is no better remedy for stress than to talk to one unknown to you, someone who will not judge you.  Subscribe to Afriendz Chat at _____.



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