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I am definitely a breakfast eater.  I really drag through the morning and have a headache by noon if I skip breakfast.  My breakfast of choice is this.
Fat-free yogurt and chocolate granola (see, with the fat free yogurt, I can eat the chocolate without too much of a guilty conscience).  It seems the French love chocolate in their cereals.  And since much of our imported food is from France, our shops have all sorts of chocolate-based cereals.  I don't care for chocolate-flavored/colored corn flakes, rice krispies, puff balls, etc.  But chocolate granola?  The French receive my thanks every morning for this wonderful creation!

I also love all sorts of flavored teas, but not herbal teas.  This morning I had Earl Grey.

And to top it off, a piece of paw-paw or papaya (I guess it depends on where you're from as to what you call it?).  Unfortunately this one was quite bitter, but usually they are good.

Some mornings I have oatmeal, some mornings toast, and some mornings eggs.  If I don't have time for breakfast I'll pick up ceceena (bean cakes) on the walk to work.
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