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If you're following the January photo list very carefully (which you probably aren't), you'll know that Day 25 is smile and Day 26 is big.  But I'm switching them around.

This is a big gao tree in our yard.  Gao trees are a pretty amazing edge-of-the desert tree.  They have leaves in the dry season because their roots go way, way deep in the ground.  They provide shade to people and animals alike during the hot time of year.  They also drop their seed pods during the dry season.  This provides food for animals during a time when other food is hard to come by.  Then just before the beginning of the rainy season they lose all their leaves.  Their leaves are high in soil-restoring nutrients, so they provide a natural fertilizer for the fields.  Because the trees are bare in the rainy season, they don't block sun needed for the millet to grow.  

Don't you love how God created a tree that is perfect for this environment?
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