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Words and Sky View

Yesterday's photo was supposed to be Words, but I failed to take a picture.  So both yesterday's picture and today's are really from today.

This time of year finds us busy getting ready for our Spiritual Life Conference.  John is leading one of the worship teams so he and some of the team members were found this morning learning the words of some new (to us, anyway) songs and reviewing the words of old favorites.

And look at the moon!  When the moon is full here it is really bright!  I've sat outside and read a book just by the light of the moon.  When we used to sleep outside, it would be hard to get to sleep on full moon nights.  It's pretty spectacular. 


Beth said…
Gosh, those are beautiful pictures of the moon! Nice job, Nancy! :)
Anonymous said…
Nice!another beauty blessing from the heavens! ( I now use eye covers with bright lights here day or night.