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Tree Topper

Yesterday was Day 20, but I ended the day way too tired to even think about posting anything.  So here is our tree topper.  A straw star that we've had for a VERY long time.  John's family was very involved in a Covenant church in Connecticut.  Historically it was a Swedish Covenant church and there are still a lot of Swensons, Johnsons, and other Swedish-sounding names in the congregation.  When John and I got married, somebody in the church (I don't remember who!) gave us a set of Swedish tree ornaments.  I'm guessing they were homemade.  26 years of dust and extreme dryness later, we still have most of them!  The nice thing about them is that they are small so they are perfect for our little tree. This star was the biggest and so it's always found its place at the top of the tree.
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