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Today's Temperature and Green

Day 6, I'm skipping for now.  It's supposed to be "Shopping" and there's no way I'm going shopping right now.

Day 5 was "Today's Temperature".  This is a picture of today's indoor temperature with a nice layer of dust on the thermometer.  The high indoors was 84 and the low was 72.  Outside the high was probably 100 and the low 70.  We close all our doors and windows in the morning and it stays pretty nice inside.  I know YOU might not think 84 is comfortable, but it beats 94 in the house like it is many times of the year.  So far this "cold" season hasn't been very cold.  We should get temps in the low to mid-50's before the end of January.

Today's challenge was "Green".  John found this wine bottle in the back yard when he was digging a compost pit.  I stuck a clipping from this vine thingy in there with some water.  I hardly ever add water and I do absolutely nothing to it and it never dies.  My kind of plant, I'll tell you!  When John and I were decorating for Christmas, he wanted to put this bow somewhere and it eventually ended up on the wine bottle/planter. I think it's bright and cheery.
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