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Shopping and Outside Christmas Lights

Today as we were coming home from church, we drove through the market area.  Since John was driving, I was able to take some pictures out the window.  One of the biggest shops here does a booming business during Christmas.  The store was jam-packed full of clothes, housewares, kids' toys, games, shoes, etc.  We have done a lot of Christmas shopping there through the years, especially for the kids.  About a month ago the shop caught on fire during the night.  This is a huge loss to the owner of this store.  It's not likely that his store was insured, but maybe it was.  I never heard if it was arson or electrical.  

Christmas lights at night are not something you see much of around here!  So this picture is not taken in our present locale and it's not even a recent picture.  I took it the Christmas of 2010 when we were living in Maryland. This is a lesson to all of you who do outdoor Christmas lights on how NOT to do it.  Personally, this is not my idea of beautiful Christmas lights!  And I wonder what their electric bill was for the month of December?
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