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This post was supposed to have been done yesterday, but the internet was really not working very well.  And I just wanted to go to bed.

So yesterday's challenge was presents.  Presents is another of those things that we do differently here than we do when in the US.  When we're in the US, I wrap presents as I go and put them under the tree at any time after it's been put up.  But here we traditionally have waited until Christmas Eve to put out the gifts.  The main reason is that we didn't want our friends to see all our "stuff".  We didn't want Christmas to be about stuff and about adopting our customs.  Another reason to wait is that this is an extremely dusty time of year so gifts under the tree just get really dirty.  But then, so does the tree and all the decorations!  And the final reason is that putting gifts out early makes kids hyper for the entire month, not just for the night before Christmas.

So, where do we keep all these gifts?  We used to have a bed that had a shelf for the head board.  Under that shelf was a space between the bed and the wall where we used to hide gifts.  Of course, the kids knew that's where they were!  So much for kids not getting hyped up about Christmas!

This year we don't have that bed, so we've lost a good hiding space.  So this year John and I both have a duffel bag under our side of the bed with the gifts in them.  And what's in the duffel bag?  I'll never tell!
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