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Favorite Part of Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was pretty low-key.  I got food ready for our Christmas dinner potluck at church, which was today, the 25th.  I made a meat pie for supper which we ate while watching The Preacher's Wife.

It was a cold, windy, dusty Christmas Eve in 1985 that I received my best Christmas gift ever......a diamond ring.  With that ring came a wonderful man.  Oh yes, we have had our moments, and marriage is a lot of hard work.  But I'm sure glad I accepted the ring and the man!  

One day....already emotional because we had just said good-bye to our kids at Sahel....we were buying vegetables and fruit and then were going to head back to our town.  While at the vegetable stand I looked down and the diamond was completely missing!  Of course, I was in tears....I'd left my kids and lost my diamond all in the same day.  We looked everywhere, but it was likely lost in the market somewhere.  So the ring I have now is not the original, but it has eight prongs and I will hopefully not lose this diamond!
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