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Favorite Holiday Movie and A Beautiful Sight

 Day 2 was your Favorite Holiday Movie.  Many of the years we spent in Africa, including when I was growing up, we didn't have a TV or any way to watch movies.  So I never saw all the traditional Christmas movies like It's a Wonderful Life.  After we got a TV and a VCR, one year we were home this movie, The Preacher's Wife, came out, so I picked up a copy. Suzanne and I love it and watch it together every year.  This year we'll have to watch it alone. * sniff, sniff*  I've since replaced the video with a DVD and plan on watching it sometime this holiday season.

I think it's well acted.  I mean, what would you expect from Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston?  There are a lot of great one-liners in it.  And I think I especially like it because it's about a preacher who is burnt out in ministry and how it affects their marriage.  I think any body in ministry can identify with a lot in this movie.  That said, the theology of angels is terrible.  The Bible nowhere says that dead people become angels.  

Today, day 12 (yep, 12-12-12) is A Beautiful Sight. Two of our ladies at the office, Ouma and Fati, put up Christmas decorations last week. They did such a nice job and I love walking in the office every morning and seeing the decorations.  Chad, one of our missionaries, made the wooden SIM letters you see hanging on the wall and I really like them.  

On the other side of the tree, on the counter at the reception area, one of our missionaries is selling honey that is produced by some Christians in the area where they live.  It's great honey and today I was struck with the beauty of the bottles, the purity of the honey allowing the Christmas tree lights to shine through, and the way the colors all compliment each other.
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