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Christmas Tree and Red

Today's challenge is Christmas tree.  Now, I'll have you know, we have a small tree, not a bush.  Though it's been called a bush, it just ain't so.  We LIKE our little tree!  We have a small tree for four reasons.
1.  When we first got married, that's all we could afford!
2.  Then when we came to Africa, it fit perfectly in one of our packing boxes. (This is our 2nd tree.  We finally had to throw out the first one, but it lasted almost 20 years.)
3.  We personally (and this is not a criticism of ways other people celebrate) decided that we didn't want to have a lot of big, flashy Christmas decorations.  We live in a land of poverty and try to keep things simple (though compared to many of our friends we come across as pretty rich!).  Also, the Christians here focus more on spending Christmas day together than they do on the giving of gifts, Christmas trees, and so on.  So we didn't want to do anything that they would feel they needed to do to properly celebrate Christmas.  Thus our decision to keep it as understated as possible while at the same time not depriving our kids from celebrating Christmas in traditional ways.
4.  Our house used to be just under 1000 square feet.  I'm not sure the square footage of the place we live now, but it's probably not much more than that.  So we just don't have room for a big tree.

This is taken of a nativity set that we bought in Nigeria that is carved from wood.  In the background you can see the lights of our little tree.  Not bush.

And Day 3 was Red.  When John and I were first married, we bought these Christmas stockings.  We bought a red one with green reindeer and a green one with red reindeer.  Then I made stockings for Daniel, Suzanne, and John with counted-cross-stitch designs.  I've never made one for myself, though, so these continue to come out every year.  John wanted to hang all three so we did.  I like the arrangement he came up with, but you can't really see them all here.
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