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Bright and Wrapping Paper

Day 7 of the photo challenge was "Bright".  When you live in a country that has as much desert as we have, finding bright is not hard.  In this picture, you can see the window in the background but you can't see any details of it because of the bright sunshine streaming in there.  Here is another one showing the sun shining on the floor.  In fact, the sun shines in the windows on the west side of the house so brightly, we close the windows and the curtains in the morning and it really helps to keep the temperature of the house down.

Today, Day 10, is "Wrapping Paper".  It's pretty hard to find Christmas wrapping paper here so we bring our own with us.  Whenever we are in the US during the Christmas season I try to pick up a couple of rolls during after-Christmas sales. Maybe better yet are gift bags as they can more easily be re-used. 
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