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Day 4's challenge was Joyous.  This isn't really a Christmas post, but it's such a joyful event I had to share it!

One of the leaders in the Christian school movement who is also a teacher at our MK school (he taught our kids French) is somebody we've known for a very long time.  He and his wife have a 15-year old son, but the years have passed and they were not able to have any more children.

This isn't the dad with the baby....just another guy who was also sharing in their joy!
So, imagine their joy when God blessed them with a son last week (well, actually nine months ago!). Most men here don't talk about their wife's pregnancy, but this guy just couldn't contain himself! 

The entire family is happy and it's a blessing to share in their joy.  Yesterday we went to the naming ceremony which was held at a church.  There was a meal at their home following, but we weren't able to go as we already had something else scheduled.  The little girl in the photo is their niece who lives with them as a daughter.

We're just very, very happy for them! 
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