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A New Version of the Old Cassette Tapes

Remember cassette tapes?  It wasn't so long ago that groups of kids would come to our house.  They had nothing to do, so I'd pull out the tape recorder, cassette tapes, and the illustrated Bible story book that went with the tapes.  The kids could spend hours sitting around listening to the stories.

One boy (not pictured here) in particular, who we will just call H., loved the stories.  In fact, he had them memorized and would annoy the other kids as he quoted the stories along with the tape.

When we left our home of 16 years, we left the cassette recorder and tapes with him.  Four years later, the machine and the tapes have long since met their demise.  Last time we visited he asked for something to listen to.

A fabulous replacement for cassette tapes has come on the market. It is a radio with an SD slot and a USB slot. This one even has a flashlight with it!  It can be run on electric power or on battery and can be charged to run for a limited length of time on its own, like a cell phone.  

So we filled an 8 GB SD card with Bible stories, preaching, music, etc. in the language he understands the best and presented it to him when we visited last week.

He was delighted and said that now he and his friends would have something to do in the evenings. We plan on giving one of these radios with an SD card already filled to our guard for Christmas.  He spends hours each night sitting with other guards on the street, so hopefully they will listen to it with him.  We'd also like to give some to others who we know.    
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