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Five Minute Friday: Roots

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Roots... Roots?? Do I have any roots?  I'm one of those people who when people ask me where I'm from I really have no idea.

I have lived in Nigeria, Niger, Canada, and in the US in Ohio, Indiana, New York, Colorado, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.  Some of those places I lived not more than a year.
Our house in Cedarville, Ohio when I was in 1st grade.  We had the downstairs apartment.
Each place holds fond memories for me....but do I have roots in any of those places?  Not really.  I'm a true home-body, preferring to be in my house than anywhere else.  But I don't really care where my house is.  Put your finger on the map, choose a country or a town, move me there and, presuming I can speak the language, I could probably be content.
Our house in Osceola, Indiana where we lived when I was in 6th and 7th grade.  The front upstairs window was my room.
No, I really don't have roots.  

But I have memories.  Aside from my earliest years, I remember every house we lived in.  We were a close family, so the memories associated with the house, the town, the country, are fond.

We lived in this house in Tera for 16 years (minus home assignments).  Our kids were mostly raised in this one house.  You'll notice on my Facebook I claim Tera as my home town.
And I have a heritage.  What my parents, grand-parents, aunts and uncles (including missionary "aunties" and "uncles") have passed down to me is priceless.

We have stayed in this house every home assignment except one.  Our kids have been blessed to have had two houses where they have grown up event though they are also global nomads.
I feel that I have a certain adaptability since I've lived in so many places among people of so many different cultures.  I think I may be more patient with differing ideas, religions, etc. than many of my North American peers just because I've been in close contact with so many who aren't just like me.

And yes, I feel that this has also resulted in a reticence to make good friends, friends who I will leave or who will leave me.  I'm so thankful for the way they have enriched my life and how I have friends on every continent.....  But they aren't friends I've known all my life and whose roots are intertwined with mine....

A happy and varied life?  Yes.  Roots? I don't think so.