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Adding another country to my "been-to" list

Last weekend John and I visited a neighboring country.  The people groups in West Africa often spill over from one country to another, since borders have been artificially drawn.  The people group we work with can be found in four countries.  So we wanted to see how close this group's language is to the language we know.  Specifically, John wanted to observe their music in local churches and to interview some Christians.

The first half of the trip is fine, but the 2nd half is on terrible, terrible roads. Just before we hit the really bad part we stopped for a picnic.  They are re-paving the road, but in the meantime it is pretty crazy. We finally got to the border and went through customs on both sides.  One of the officials was so slow in writing down our information and seemed to be new on the job.  There were also literally hundreds of used cars that are shipped into that country from Europe and then driven up here to be sold in the used car market (that's how we bought ou…

Stress or Joy? You Choose

Internet at our house has been almost non-existent for the past three weeks.  We did get the telephone connection back, but still no internet.  Here at the office it isn't great, either.  My blogging has really taken a nose-dive!

On this Thanksgiving Day (for my American friends) I just wanted to sit and write out some things I've been thinking about concerning stress and joy.  Three books I've been reading came together all at one time to challenge me on the same thing.  When that happens, I'm pretty sure it's God talking.

The first was the Bible, specifically Psalm 100.  These phrases stood out to me:
Shout for joyWorship the Lord with gladnessCome before Him with joyful songsKnow the the LORD is GodEnter His gates with thanksgivingEnter His courts with praiseGive thanks to HimPraise His nameI think God, through the writing, the joy, the exuberance of David wants me to get the point!  The point is SHOUT FOR JOY!!!

Then I've been reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan…

A New Version of the Old Cassette Tapes

Remember cassette tapes?  It wasn't so long ago that groups of kids would come to our house.  They had nothing to do, so I'd pull out the tape recorder, cassette tapes, and the illustrated Bible story book that went with the tapes.  The kids could spend hours sitting around listening to the stories.

One boy (not pictured here) in particular, who we will just call H., loved the stories.  In fact, he had them memorized and would annoy the other kids as he quoted the stories along with the tape.

When we left our home of 16 years, we left the cassette recorder and tapes with him.  Four years later, the machine and the tapes have long since met their demise.  Last time we visited he asked for something to listen to.

A fabulous replacement for cassette tapes has come on the market. It is a radio with an SD slot and a USB slot. This one even has a flashlight with it!  It can be run on electric power or on battery and can be charged to run for a limited length of time on its own, like a …

Five Minute Friday: Roots

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Roots... Roots?? Do I have any roots?I'm one of those people who when people ask me where I'm from I really have no idea.

I have lived in Nigeria, Niger, Canada, and in the US in Ohio, Indiana, New York, Colorado, South Carolina, North Carolin…