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More from the Curtain Refashionista

We have had no internet for almost two weeks.  Every day I call and every day there are promises made....and broken.  Anyway, I've got some time of my own today that I'm spending at the office trying to do a blog so you all don't think I've totally disappeared!  Even at the office the speed is terrible, so we'll see if I get this posted or not.

Do you remember my post on refashioning curtains for one of the apartments we were setting up?  By the way, that seems like years ago, what with the flood and all.  In reality, that was only two months ago!

Anyway, just before the flood hit, I did some more curtain fashioning and refashioning.  I just haven't had a chance to post about it since I've been maxed out since the flood waters hit!  (Yes, life revolves around the flood these before the flood and life after the flood!).

Back when we were still in the 2010....I bought a bedspread with orange and blue stripes.  I also bought plain blue curtains for our living room in Maryland.  They went well with the bedspread, so I planned to use them in our bedroom in Niger.  I packed the bedspread and the curtains in boxes and had them shipped to go on a container coming to Niger.  While waiting for the boxes to arrive, I had the bedroom painted orange and blue.  Well, we got all of our boxes but one, which nobody knows where it disappeared to.  Missing was the bedspread and one panel of the two sets of curtains.  So I had three panels of curtains, but really needed the 4th panel.

I thought that wouldn't be a problem.  When we went back to the US this summer, I would just buy another set of curtains.  I went to the store where I had bought those and, wouldn't you know it, they had discontinued that model of curtain.  The ones I had bought there had tabs on top, for hanging.  I could find the same color of curtain, but not with tabs and not made from the same fabric.  I finally bought one curtain in that same color.  And I bought a valance to make the tabs from.

I ended up making tabs, then sewing them on the curtain.  But that made the curtain too long, so I had to shorten it.  Also, it was a lighter weight fabric than the originals and both John and I like our bedroom really dark.  So I had to buy another piece of fabric to sew on the back to make it heavy enough.  In the end, it turned out pretty well.  Can you tell which panel is the "fake" one?

Since the bedspread was also in the box that went missing, I plan on making an orange and blue quilt to finish off my bedroom. For now we are using this blanket we got as a wedding gift.  We recently got our first ever brand-new bed.  In our 26 years of marriage, we've never had a brand new bed!  But that will be for another post.  This is our old bed, that John bought used shortly after we were engaged.

Before we returned to Niger last August, I brought a new yellow and blue striped shower curtain and a yellow rug.  We had the painter paint the walls above the tile bright yellow.  But the curtains we had were disgusting and had to go!  I went to a shop here and bought some plain blue cloth.  From Pinterest I got the idea of sewing ribbons on the curtain instead of rings or tabs.  I sewed yellow ribbon on the curtains, but then I had to figure out how to tie the ribbons.

I finally worked out tying them around this round pencil sharpener.  That worked well.  I really like the way these curtains turned out and they were very simple to make. You'll also notice that when I washed the shower curtain, it shrunk about six inches and is now way shorter than the shower curtain liner!  Fortunately it didn't shrink in width as well!