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More from the Curtain Refashionista

We have had no internet for almost two weeks.  Every day I call and every day there are promises made....and broken.  Anyway, I've got some time of my own today that I'm spending at the office trying to do a blog so you all don't think I've totally disappeared!  Even at the office the speed is terrible, so we'll see if I get this posted or not.

Do you remember my post on refashioning curtains for one of the apartments we were setting up?  By the way, that seems like years ago, what with the flood and all.  In reality, that was only two months ago!

Anyway, just before the flood hit, I did some more curtain fashioning and refashioning.  I just haven't had a chance to post about it since I've been maxed out since the flood waters hit!  (Yes, life revolves around the flood these before the flood and life after the flood!).

Back when we were still in the 2010....I bought a bedspread with orange and blue stripes.  I also bought plain blue curta…

House Hunting

Have you ever seen the TV show called H*use H*unters International?  The show features an individual or a couple who want to rent or buy a house or apartment somewhere outside of the US.  They meet with the realtor and tell him/her what they'd like and what they can afford.  She then takes them to three places and they choose from among those three places.

All of the episodes I've seen have taken place in either Europe or a nice tropical island somewhere.  I'm thinking it's time to have a Niger episode and that I could totally be on it.

When the flood waters hit, 53 adults and kids living on our two campuses found themselves with uninhabitable houses.  23 of those lived in the dorm, so I didn't need to work on finding housing for them.  But, I was very involved in finding housing for the 30 others.  The first thing we did was send a letter to other missions asking if they knew of any houses for rent.  Often when missionaries leave they want somebody to live in their …