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Tomorrow my son gets married.  It's hard to believe how fast these 23 years have swept by.

Risk is a situation where one exposes themselves to danger.

Perhaps love is one of the biggest risks we take.  No, love probably doesn't expose one to physical danger.  But what if you offer love and the other person doesn't love back?  There's a huge risk in that....a risk that your heart will be hurt beyond repair.  It's been fun watching Daniel and Kelly open their hearts little by little to each other.  Love has grown and now they're taking the risk of committing to each other for life. 

There is a risk in marriage, too. Statistics tell us that divorce is a probability.  But it doesn't need to ever be a reality.  Marriage takes isn't just days and days of endless romance.  It takes commitment.  It takes applying I Corinthians 13 and putting the needs of your spouse before those of yourself.  It involves risk.

But it's a risk well worth taking.  The benefits far outweigh the risks!  

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing."

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