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A Gift from God to get us through the week

We're in the final countdown for wedding week!

Last week we got a lot done.  We worked more on the wedding favors, got the programs printed, and got some items for a kids' table we're going to set up.  I also baked over 200 mini brownies. We got Suz and Theo's stuff moved into their apartment, and their kitchen set up. Best of all, John arrived from England.  We spent one day getting new glasses for him (he won't actually get them until after the wedding),and a new suit, shirt, and shoes.
Friday night we went to a little fair at the Catholic church that can be seen across the fields from my parents' house. On the way back, God treated us to a magnificent sunset. And John was so jet-lagged he just sat in the middle of the road (a cul de sac, really), waiting for me to take these pictures. He's so patient with me sometimes!

This week will be crazy busy with all the last minute details, but it's going to be a gorgeous wedding!
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