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My First Attempt at Quilting

I just finished my first try at making a quilt. I learned a lot as I went along, but I also realize that I really need to take a class or something!  So many things just weren't right and I didn't know how to make them right....I just knew they were wrong.  But I like the colours! The squares are made from African fabrics, the purple is plain cloth that can be bought in any Nigerien market, and the back is a queen-size sheet.  The quilt is queen-size.
Thankfully, unless you look closely it doesn't look too bad.
The quilt showing the back
And it will keep Suz and Theo warm in their basement apartment on cold winter nights when the Ohio wind blows.
The quilt on my sister's bed

I'm almost ready to put together Daniel and Kelly's, but I think that will have to wait until after Suzanne's wedding.
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