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Let the Wedding Preparations Begin

Well, I guess I kind of forgot about the April photo challenge.  Oh well!

Suzanne is finished with all her tests and projects, so now we can get on with wedding preparations.

Last the midst of preparing for finals and final projects....some of Suzanne's friends had a shower for her. It was a surprise, and Theo and a friend of Suz's did all the work for it. She was really surprised as she thought she was going out for supper with that friend. 

Theo is definitely a keeper!

Today we made chai mix which we are going to use as favors for the guests. After mixing all the ingredients, we ran it through the blender to make it a nice consistency that dissolves easily in hot water.  We made a double batch and used all that, so I made one more batch after Suzanne went to work.  We wrote on all the bags and filled them. We'll tie them with ribbons later on, since the ribbon is at Theo's house in Michigan.