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April Photo Challenge, Day 4: Someone who makes you happy

There are a lot of people who make me happy, so it's kind of hard to choose!  

Today was Easter, so I went to church at 6:00 a.m. for the sunrise service.  OK, I didn't exactly arrive at 6, but then, neither did most other people!  After the sunrise service, we had a breakfast, then a baptismal service, and then another church service (I skipped the 2nd church service).  

The lady in the blue scarf who is serving breakfast is somebody who makes me happy. We work together and she always has a pleasant attitude.  Not only that, she brings me hot water for tea every morning.  I feel pretty spoiled and a bit like an executive!

Today this little guy was wandering around a bit lost and tearful.  I pulled him on my lap and he stuck with me the rest of the morning.  He lives at the childrens' home and is pretty new there, apparently.  I know this picture isn't great, but he stuck his finger on the camera just when I took the picture. He understood everything I said in Zarma, but didn't seem able to speak.  He just used his finger to point at everything.  He laughed a lot at things he thought were funny.

The "daddy" of the childrens' home said he cried and cried when he first came.  One day he wandered off, trying to find home.  Poor little guy.