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April Photo Challenge, Day 17: something you don't like

I know British cuisine gets slammed a lot, but before I start this post I have to say that every meal I've had that's been prepared by a Brit has been excellent.  So this has only to do with my personal preferences.
I'm not a fan of peas, but I'll eat frozen peas.  Tinned peas, I really don't like that much.  But mushy peas?? You've got to be kidding.  That's taking a barely tolerable vegetable and makes it into something disgusting.

Americans have come up with ways of ruining vegetables too.  Creamed corn??  Really?!  That's as disgusting as mushy peas.

Speaking of food, a Korean church from London came to OCMS, where John is studying, and had a cook-out for us today. That was good food!

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