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April Photo Challenge, day 15: Flower

Spring in England is absolutely beautiful.  Finding a flower to photograph should be pretty easy, but one can't go tramping through people's private gardens, can they?
I often walk past this flower shop with it's display of purple, pink, yellow, and white flowers. It seems to me that Brits really like buying cut flowers to have at home.  Every day when I'm out I'll see people heading home or to a friend's house with a bunch of flowers in hand. I really like that and I think it's a good way to add color to a dark, dreary day.  I think in the US we tend to do flowers for special occasions, but it seems to be more of an every day occurrence here.  But, maybe I'm wrong and a lot of people have a lot of special occasions!

I also got a picture of this flowering tree growing along a city street.  I don't think it's cherry, but I'm not sure what it is.
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