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April Photo Challenge, day 14: Sunset

I guess I could go out and try to get a sunset photo.  But I'm going to change the challenge and call it a stormy sky photo.  It has rained a lot the past three days.  But this afternoon I managed to go out for a walk without getting wet.  

Just as I was arriving back home, I saw that the sky was dark over in the direction of the Port Meadow. The sky was beautiful because the sun was in the opposite direction, so it was shining on the dark sky and the green trees, making them a sharper, more brilliant color than they normally appear.

I couldn't help but wonder if there could be a spiritual lesson from the cows chewing their cud in the meadow while a storm approaches.  I thought of two lessons and you can take your pick!

1.  The cows are content and calm even though the storm is coming.  They just carry on, chewing their cud, doing what they're supposed to do.  "Stay calm and carry on" is their motto.  So we should be like the cows.  Storms may be all around us, but we should just stay calm and continue meditating on God's Word....chewing our cud so to speak.

2.  The cows are content and calm even though the storm is coming.  And we're like the cows, totally unaware that disaster is about to strike, that doors may be closing in certain parts of the world, that we are in the end times.  Like the cows, we just placidly sit around, chewing our cud, doing nothing.  As Keith Green sang in Asleep in the Light, "You close your eyes and pretend the job's done.  ....How can you be so dead when you've been so well fed?  Jesus rose from the grave and you can't even get out of bed."  Ouch....pretty convicting words!
And on a much lighter, but somewhat related note....what is fly tipping and why am I forbidden to do it? Is it related to cow tipping? Somehow I think I'm losing something in the translation!