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April Photo Challenge, day 12: something I found

The nice thing about living in Oxford is that there are so many places to walk.  We don't have a vehicle, either, so we HAVE to walk.

Our flat is right next to the canal and there is a path along the canal that is perfect for walking.  So on my walk today, along the canal, I kept my eyes open for something to find.

Kids seem to find things everywhere.  I looked and looked, but I didn't find anything!  But I did find Spring!

*I found green, green grass, even though they say there is a drought here.

*I found flowers in bloom....mostly yellow ones like dandelions, forsythia, and daffodils.  

*I found swans and ducks, swimming in pairs, up and down the canal.

*I found children with rosy cheeks, on their way home from school.

*I found that the sun can be shining one minute and then suddenly it's raining with no warning and in a few minutes the sun is out again.

*I found a toilet beside the canal.  What???  It's hooked up, too. It hasn't just been dumped there.

*And I can't resist throwing in a picture of this bright cheerful shop. The name intrigues me..."Frog Orange Party"...and they chose pink, not orange for their paint color.
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