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My "New" Living Room

When John and I got married and returned to Niger we bought a set of used furniture on the street.  It lasted pretty well, but with the advent of children, combined with the dry climate, it was starting to get pretty wobbly.  So we replaced it with a new, custom-ordered set.  Unfortunately the guy mis-understood our directions and we ended up with very short and uncomfortable seats.  But we lived with it for at least 10 years.  When we left for our two-year home assignment we sold it.

So when we got back this time, we were using borrowed furniture.  We again had a living room suite built and had cushions made.  The carpenter never called me to tell me the job was done and I was going to call him to check on it, but then Suzanne was sick and I went to the US.  So it wasn't until I got back that I finally checked on it.  Finally, three months later we got our furniture!

It is a lot more comfortable than our old set, but still not exactly really amazingly comfortable.  I chose a light green for the cushions.  Green is a cool, calming color which is nice when you live in a hot climate.  I also got dark green for the curtains.

I made the curtains with tabs instead of rings.  It took quite a while to make all the tabs and I broke at least two needles making these curtains.  Thankfully my neighbor had a spare needle and then one day while cleaning out my sewing drawer I discovered that I had more needles!

So this is our living room during the day and our living room at night. John has a pile of stuff there that he was taking with him the next's not a normal part of the living room. In one of them you can see some cardboard boxes....stuff I was collecting for somebody.  Again, it's not a normal part of the decor!

 This is a long, narrow is also connected to the dining room.  There are six doors in the entire room, making arranging furniture challenging.  But we like our little house and are pleased with the new look.