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How I Saw God Today

Every January all of our missionaries here in the country get together for Spiritual Life Conference.  We have a guest speaker who brings about two messages a day, except one day that is just a "down" day.  On that day we have a prayer breakfast, team reports, an open forum, sports, seminars, and in the evening a fun/skit night.

This year John was heavily involved with the worship sessions for conference.  He has been involved almost every year we've been here, but this year all of the planning and leading fell to him. He had a great worship team working with him and it was fantastic to see young people taking part in the worship. He did such a superb job and most of all God was glorified in the music.

The prayer breakfast was really nice, too.  Some of the ladies had made special decorations .... out of newspaper.  How creative is that?!   As one of the single guys said, "It looks like a wedding in here!"  The men have their own prayer breakfast and theirs is all about the food.  But we have food AND decorations!  We spent a good amount of time in prayer as well.
Skit night was probably not as funny as some years....but it was still pretty good.  Some of the younger missionaries talked many of the ladies into participating in a flash mob.  In the middle of some announcement the theme song on Slumdog started playing.  One lady stood up and looked around like, "What in the world is going on here?!"  Then two others stood up and started dancing and the first joined in.  Little by little we all stood up and started dancing.  It was a hoot and I think the men were left speechless.  I'm told one husband's response was simply, "Unbelievable". We're hoping that a missionary who just went on home assignment will be able to post the video on You Tube....the internet here has been so bad lately that there's no chance of doing it from here.  Check out the full story here.  And, no, I don't have any pictures.  I was too busy trying to get my moves right.

As I mentioned we had some great messages.  One day the speaker spoke about miracles.  His definition of miracle is something that only God could do.  We get so used to a miracle having to be something huge and amazing like a person being healed from a terrible disease, but in reality a miracle might be something we often pass off as a "coincidence".  How often does God orchestrate events in ways only He could do and we are not even aware of it.

After the message we met in small groups and discussed the message. Our group talked about how often God does something and we don't even see it.  It's not huge or "amazing" and we forget to look and we aren't even aware.  So one of the things I am trying to do this year is write in my journal each day (well, every day that I write) a way that I saw God today.  I call it "How I Saw God Today".  Some days it is something pretty big like using the current climate here to rearrange our plans for a certain missionary to put him in a different place, the place where, I believe, God wants him.  Other days it's something "small" like noticing the gorgeous bougainvillea that pour over many of the walls on our street in a profusion of pink, purple, white, yellow, and orange.
Our street on a very dusty day!

I would not base my theology on most country music,  but I love the words to one of George Strait's songs:
I saw God today.
I've been to church, I've read the Book,
I know He's here, but I don't look
Near as often as I should.
His fingerprints are everywhere
If I just slow down to stop and stare,
Open my eyes, and, man, I swear,
I saw God today.

How have you seen God today? 
Have you really looked?