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My Reading from 2011

Way back in 2005 a friend mentioned that she read over 80 books a year.  I was really surprised by that number, but had no idea how many I read in a year.  So I started keeping track and I've done that ever since.  It is interesting to see how many I read in a year and to also be able to look back and know if I've already read a book or not.

So, I found that on average I read 25-26 books a year, which is about two a month. Another friend recently mentioned in a blog that she read over 80 books last year.  These friends must read a lot faster than I do!  It's not like either of them have more time in a day than I do.  What about you?  Do you think you're a fast reader or a slow reader?  How many books a month do you read?

Here are my books from 2011:
Bonhoeffer for Armchair Theologians by Stephen Haynes and Lori B. Hale.  I've heard a lot about Bonhoeffer, but was afraid of biting off more than I could chew. I was afraid he would be hard to read.  So I read this autob…

Daniel's Birthday

Dear Daniel,
23 years ago today you were born.  Your birth nearly cost me my life.  It was the hardest thing I've ever gone through and the best thing I've ever gone through.  

Early in the morning on February 22, 1989 we went to Gamkalle Clinic.  The amniotic sac in which you were floating had broken and while labor pains weren't strong, we decided to go in.  The contractions continued off and on all day, but never really progressed.  By then you were at least two weeks overdue, but apparently very comfortable where you were!

By evening the midwife decided to induce labor.  She started the drip and contractions started in earnest.  Dad was there the whole time, all through the night, helping me breathe through each contraction as they got stronger and stronger.  Finally the moment came when we were ready to go to the delivery room and that's when the excitement started.

First off, the midwife made me walk down the corridor, out through the breezeway, and into the delivery…

Celebrating John's Birthday

Internet continues to be a struggle here.  During this past week I have probably averaged answering three emails a day before the internet dies.  I don't think we even got a connection on Thursday or Friday.  It always seems a little better on the weekend, though it isn't great.  So will it work tomorrow at the office?  If not, I always have quilting to do at home!  Thankfully we are in a slow time of year in the Personnel office!

John's birthday was January 29th and we had a three day celebration, of sorts.  Our small prayer group meets the last Friday of the month, so I took a carrot cake to share with the group in honor of John's birthday.  Then Saturday evening we had friends over to share John's birthday.  I can't remember what I made for supper, but it must have been one of John's favorites.  For his birthday "cake", I made a cheesecake. It was the first day I had seen strawberries for sale in the market (we have about a six week strawberry …

How I Saw God Today

Every January all of our missionaries here in the country get together for Spiritual Life Conference.  We have a guest speaker who brings about two messages a day, except one day that is just a "down" day.  On that day we have a prayer breakfast, team reports, an open forum, sports, seminars, and in the evening a fun/skit night.

This year John was heavily involved with the worship sessions for conference.  He has been involved almost every year we've been here, but this year all of the planning and leading fell to him. He had a great worship team working with him and it was fantastic to see young people taking part in the worship. He did such a superb job and most of all God was glorified in the music.

The prayer breakfast was really nice, too.  Some of the ladies had made special decorations .... out of newspaper.  How creative is that?!   As one of the single guys said, "It looks like a wedding in here!"  The men have their own prayer breakfast and theirs is …