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Honoring an Honorable Man

Let's just call him  "Ancien", which translates as "Elder". This is the nick name affectionately given to him in the office.  Not only is he  the oldest in the office, but he is also an elder at his church.   Ancien has worked for our organization for 30 years.  Every day he counted and handed out cash.  Never once was he caught short or with his hand in the till.  

We recently celebrated his retirement by having a big party for him.  As people got up and shared what Ancien had meant to them, the words honesty, integrity, and faithfulness came up over and over again.

In an area where graft and corruption are fairly common, qualities such as honesty, integrity, and faithfulness are to be highly honored.  As Ancien said, "I am retiring with a clear conscience."  He has not knowingly wronged anybody, stolen from anybody, or ever embezzled money though all of those would have been temptations common in his position.
And of course, every big celebration is accompanied by heaps of good food! 

I hope at the end of my career words like "faithful" and "honest" will be used of me and that I'll be able to say that I am retiring with a clear conscience.

I think this is a little bit of what heaven will be like.  I'll stand before the Lord with a clear conscience....not because of what I've done or who I am, but because of what He's done and who He is.  I can't wait to hear those words, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."  Not because I'm so wonderful, but because He's given me the power and ability to do what He wants me to do. And then we'll have the Marriage feast of the Lamb with food like we can't even imagine!  What a day that will be!!

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