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The Year in Pictures

I decided to summarize the year 2011 by putting up a picture for each month.

January 2011
We made a visit to Connecticut, then took Suzanne back to Ohio (Daniel was already there, but I don't remember how he got back), helped represent SIM at Cedarville's missions' conference, and spoke at a church in western PA on our way back to Maryland.  To celebrate John's birthday, we went sightseeing in Washington DC. We visited the African-American Civil War Monument, the Daughters of the America Republic museum, and walked past the White House.

February 2011
Daniel (not our Daniel) and Victoria came to visit.  We had a great time.....guess what?....sightseeing in Washington DC.  This time we visited the African Art Museum and the Holocaust Museum.

March 2011
John had his spring break from the college we were at, so we drove to Sebring, FL to visit my parents.  We had a really good time with them, sitting on their verandah eating lunch and just spending time together.  It was a foggy…

Honoring an Honorable Man

Let's just call him  "Ancien", which translates as "Elder". This is the nick name affectionately given to him in the office.  Not only is he  the oldest in the office, but he is also an elder at his church.   Ancien has worked for our organization for 30 years.  Every day he counted and handed out cash.  Never once was he caught short or with his hand in the till.  

We recently celebrated his retirement by having a big party for him.  As people got up and shared what Ancien had meant to them, the words honesty, integrity, and faithfulness came up over and over again.

In an area where graft and corruption are fairly common, qualities such as honesty, integrity, and faithfulness are to be highly honored.  As Ancien said, "I am retiring with a clear conscience."  He has not knowingly wronged anybody, stolen from anybody, or ever embezzled money though all of those would have been temptations common in his position.

And of course, every big celebration is a…

Christmas 2011

It's been awhile since I did a blog!  First I was really busy getting ready for all the people who arrived between December 27 and January 1st.  Then we had our conference from January 4-8.  And then we had no internet for a week.  I never had a chance to write about our Christmas, so I'll do that now.

I got back from the US on December 20, so the next day John and I decorated for Christmas.  Here's our little tree aka the bush.  But I like our little tree!  John and I got a little tree for our first Christmas because we didn't have a lot of money and because we thought it would be easier to bring a little tree to Africa than a big one.  Then when we moved to the "village", we decided we didn't want to have a big tree that attracted a lot of attention.  As we established a church we didn't want to do anything that new believers would think they had to do, such as have a Christmas tree.  It's normal here to decorate your house for holidays, so our d…