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Update on Suzanne

As you know, we made a sudden decision for me to go to the USA to visit Suzanne.  She had been sick for over two months.  During that time she had some weeks of feeling better, but after the 2nd time of feeling really good, she felt sick again.  By then she was really discouraged and we felt like some time with Mom might help her get over it.

By the time I got there she was starting to feel some better, but complained about nausea in the evenings.  She was still taking anti-nausea medicine as well.  Gradually she started feeling better.  During my time there, she moved out of the dorm and over to my parents' house where I think she is eating better and more regularly which, ironic as it may seem, helps the nausea.

So what was wrong with her?  We really don't know.  So many people have suggested different things.  Early on she was given a treatment for giardia which actually seemed to help a bit.  But as it kills off the bad bacteria in your digestive system, it also kills off the good critters that contribute to a healthy digestive system.  So, it's very possible that it made her better, but got her system all out of whack.  She was tested for all sorts of other things and all tests were negative.  We even had her room tested for mold and CO, but both of those were negative as well.  However, she and her roommate did have Glade Plug-ins in the room which gave off a really strong odor.  They were making me feel weird when I was in there, so I have no doubt that, while they probably didn't cause the nausea, they contributed to it.  After all, they are shooting chemicals into the air and that can't possibly be good for you.  For an excellent article on the dangers of air fresheners, read this article.

At any rate, we are so thankful to God for giving her better health and we are praying that she is really, truly over it.  She has lost a lot of weight and is really thin and needs to gain back some weight to fit into her wedding dress that was ordered 15 pounds ago.  

So what did we do while I was in the USA?
I helped Suzanne and Theo make their wedding invitations (still a work in progress). Suz created this idea herself and they are really nice invitations!

We spent time perusing Pinterest and made scarves from an idea we got on Pinterest.  We even made one for the cat, but she was not at all appreciative of her gift.
We went up to Michigan to visit Theo's family and for her to show me her wedding dress (nope!  no pictures of that!!  You'll have to come to the wedding to see that!).  OK, here's one little sneak peek. 

Suz went to school every day and I did my personnel work remotely.  I helped her study for an exam.  I also had some time to get started on making a quilt for Suz and Theo.  I found out what colors Daniel and Kelly like and will make one for them, too.

Suz, Theo, and I went to the insurance office at Cedarville and started the process of figuring out what our insurance, and what Cedarville's insurance will pay and then how much we will owe.  It's quite complicated, but Cedarville's insurance lady really knows her business.
One night we went to Campus Christmas.  I got to hang out with Suzanne and some of her friends during Open Dorm night. A lot of the halls or units go all decorating on a theme.  The best men's and the best women's hall or unit wins gift certificates to a restaurant.  Theo's unit decorated as a spa. Personally, I thought theirs was one of the best!
We went shopping together.  Not much though, because Suzanne was so busy with school.  But that's OK.  I get tired of shopping in a big hurry.....but not of spending time with Suzanne.

I cooked most of the meals while I was home, trying to tempt Suzanne with stuff I knew she'd like.

And one weekend she, Theo, Kelly and I went to spend time with Daniel in Washington, DC.  We had a blast, but I'll save that for the next blog!

And might I mention that, in spite of being miserable for over two months she managed to pull off a 3.9 GPA?

Saying good-bye was hard.  It always is.  Coming back to John was good.  I just wish we could all live in the same town together, have Sunday dinner together every week, continue to be a family.....Us, Suz & Theo, Daniel & Kelly, our parents, our siblings.  Maybe that's why we long so much for heaven.  For an excellent post on saying goodbye, read Suzanne's blog here.