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I Love Our Neighbor Kids

We live on a compound with three houses on it.  Our house is actually a duplex.  Currently we live next to a teacher at Sahel Academy.  She's a lot of fun, but will be moving soon.  A couple from New Zealand who will also be working at Sahel Academy, will be moving in there next.  I'm sure we'll like them, too.

The house in front of ours is a family house.  A family of five lives there and they have the best kids ever.  When Suzanne and Theo were in Niger they promised them some good all-out water fights. Here are some pictures from one of the water fights.
These kids are really creative.  Here is a house they built out of mud, sticks, stones, and leaves. I often find them outside in some sort of creative play.

In October/November the dad of the family was gone for a month, so one Saturday morning we had them over for breakfast.  Another night we had them over for supper and then we played Tripoley together.  To sum up the game very briefly, you put chips around on the mat and then by playing certain cards you can win those chips.  The more chips you have, the better. But with six people playing we didn't have enough chips, so I got colored paper clips to use as chips.  The kids were so funny with the paper clips.  They would line them up and organize them by color and then trade more or less desirable colors with their siblings. We had more fun watching them in the paper clip trading business than we had playing the game.
Living this closely with neighbors could cause a lot of tension, but we are so thankful for our neighbors who are more like family to us.
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